Rozwiązania projektowane

Function boxes based on customer request.

Fibre optic accessories

  • Function boxes based on customer request
  • Customised protective solutions
  • Customised distribution solutions

Potting in developed box

  • Customised box with integrated connector housings
  • Fixed wires and connections
  • Seals connectors internally
  • Flexible for small series
  • IP rated, based on requirements

Injection moulding

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  • Based on customer requirements
  • Injection moulding MOQ starting at 1.000 pcs., depending on the complexity
  • Choice of technology depending on requested quantities
  • Prototyping possible


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  • Based on customer requirements
  • Die-casting parts MOQ 200 pcs
  • Choice of technology depending on requested quantities
  • Prototyping possible

Power connection

  • Enlargement for standard hood
  • Entry for power cable
  • Offers space inside connector hood for connection of single wires

Screw adaptor

  • Han-Compact® screw-in adapter M25
  • Assembly of Han-Compact® in M25 cable gland
  • Suitable for Han® Q 4/2, Han® Q 8/0 and Han® Q 17 inserts

Slipring coupling

  • For wind turbine application
  • Integration of 2 modular connectors
  • Customer specific hood and housing

SIEMENS solution partner

  • Power cables
  • Power distribution boxes
  • Range of daisy chaining boxes
  • Shielded motor cables 7/8” cables for 24 volt M12 cables

Multiphase test connector

  • For 10 B motor connector
  • Star or delta connection
  • Phase connection
  • Rotating fields

PCB connectivity

  • Power and signal on PCB
  • Boxes with integrated PCB’s